Originality is merely a replicated idea of someone else’s replicated idea. Everybody’s copying everybody.

Is it a coincidence or do these two videos seem very very very very fucking similar.  Kanye, get your own shit. Jesus, first you take Daft Punk, then you take SoMe to make your video, and now you got all up in Chairlift’s Evident Utensil’s music video.  I hear there’s a lawsuit against the director of Chairlift’s video, but my gf Cat knows about it more than I do.

[Cat. – I do]: Its bascially Ray Tintori (Chairlift video) vs Nabil Elderkin (Kanye video). The technique “data moshing”, which is basically over pixilating, which my comp does for me all the time by its self, was the basis for both videos. Did Tintori steal Elderkin’s style? Is he going to sue my mac for doing to the same? Takeshi Murata was doing it way back in the olden days of 2006. Did they both rip off him? It would be easy to point the finger at Kanye, because he appropriates everything remotely cool, but it might be the other way around this time. Or really, I’ve been over pixelating my too small digital pics since I could type (2001), so really, they stole it from me. There is not lawsuit evidently (utensil). Did. you. see. what. I. did. there?

Also, no one is going to co-op the mullet. Don’t worry about anyone stealing that. 

Decide for yourself:


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