Going to marry rich.

Dammit. So I can get all this crap I don’t need.

Sailor shit will never die in my book.

Philip Crangi Anchor Necklace
Alexander McQueen Union Jack Clutch
Rick Owens Pirate Boots
Gareth Pugh White Pencil Skirt
Balmain Officer Jacket

Speaking of Philip Crangi. How awesome is he?

“I’m such an avid materialist that I had to become a jeweler so I could just make more of it.” – Crangi

I collect all sorts of crap that I hate to get rid of, and I have a feeling that when I expand my dwelling space, I’ll be investing in even more “flotsam and jetsam.”

Maps Maps Maps
Photographs of mast ships
Tulle, by the yard
WWII and WWI hats (from either side :/)

I’ve posted this Viv Westwood signage before, but I still love it.




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One response to “Going to marry rich.

  1. canwepleasestopandreflect

    WANT (the ring, and the shoes, esp.)

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