That girl is poison


Never trust a big butt and a smile.

Never trust a big butt and a smile.

Fave ‘eau de parfum’ since my mammie used it way back in the 80s. Once went to buy a bottle, and Dior lady said quite patronizingly, “Its a bit strong for young girls, its more for older ladies.”
We’ll… feck you betch! I got a huge one fo’ free from my obichan’s friend who works at Duty Free. NO commission for you!

This is also my ringtone, for unrelated reasons.

But in all seriousness (because, you know, I am always serious), that stuff is too strong to wear. I do a ‘spray and twirly through’, but only on special occasions, like if I get an A, or am going to Whole Foods.

Really, I’ve stuck to Ricci’s L’air du temps since I was little. But my stash is almost out! From now on might smell like Dove. Dangy dang, the economy is now messing with my scent.

0_0 New bottle design!

0_0 New bottle design!

Recently started re-reading Didion’s “The White Album” and remembered this from “Goodbye to All That”:

“For a lot of the time I was in New York I used a perfume called Fleurs de Rocaille, and then L’Air du Temps, and now the slightest trace of either can short-circuit my connections for the rest of the day.”

Writer chic, no?

Writer chic, no?

There, now you too can be in on my secret smelly smells.


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  1. canwepleasestopandreflect

    I haven’t seen this ad before, but j’adore it. (hehe, sorry, couldn’t help it!)

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