triple threat with the holy hand of God shining at € 17160.00

3 of my favorite things are combined at Luis Via Roma; Art, Fashion, & Science. They’re presenting an installation called ‘Kaleidoscope’ to mark the opening of ‘Cristalli’, in collaboration with La Specola. (More at  Anywho, all of this is the shit, and I LOVE how they incorporated crystals and minerals out of everything else in the sciences.  Luisviaroma presents a crystal, a design from a designer and a kaleidoscope pattern incorporating both.  I highly advise you to check it out and look through it.  It will blow yo’ mind.
This is my ultimate favorite.  The fashion aspect is a skeletal hand bracelet that fits on top of your hands and has holes to put your fingers through along with a ring for your wrist. CRAZY SHIITTT.

cerussitedelfina-delettrez skeleton hand kaleidoscopemore views of the killer bracelet.


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