I name something other than ‘Nessie’

I use to name all my pet goldfish “Nessie” after the Loch Ness monster because I was convinced it was a goldfish. Nessie the first didn’t live too long. Nessie II through Nessie XI met similar fates. 

But anywahs, speaking of the U.K. 


“Dream. Machine. Love.”

Trent Reznor met Axel Rose, got trashed, made some bad decisions. 20 years later, element of glamy glam emerges. Bad cousins to Amazing Baby. Got lost in the Matrix. Incredibly ridiculous. Loves it!


Ian Astbury 2.0

Plastic Passion

Most likely to be named after a Cure song. 

Required song about how the scene is contrived and crap: “It’s Been Done”

Theyre over it, yo.

They're over it, yo.

The Violets

Siouxsie would love. Or sue.

Also very light sensitive.


Annie Potts NEVER ages!

I’m obviously feeling super gothie, yo. But in a post-punk British way. 

Oh yeah, I dub this, English-post-punk-goth-all-hail-Siouxsie-and-Robert-don’t-forget-the-sunscreen-I-love-the-80s-…bands.


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