do or don’t?

Getting my fix of ‘DO’s and DONT’s’ on, I came across a photograph of a familiar face.  (Luckily it wasn’t me or any one of my friends)  As the photo was loading i was thinking to myself, wtf, he looks familiar and looks like someone that shouldn’t be on here…  and yes, i was right, it was Cole Mohr on Viceland.  Usually on Viceland ‘DO’s and DONT’s’ you see loathsome hipsters, creepers, retards, ravers, creepy nerds, nudes of fat people or photographs taken waay before the 2000’s that you would never run into or ever see in real life..  Anyway, I was kind of hoping a ‘don’t’ for Cole just because it would be that much funnier because he is a model, but I’m sure Vice knew exactly who that was but just went along with it anyway. laaammmeee.  But I can’t complain; Cole is always looking good.


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