Guide to being a 1920’s tawdry tart.

The Bugatti Royale

The swankiest mofo on the street. If you were dapper and rollin’ in it, you definitely had someone else drive you around in this. 

Top down of course.

Top down of course.

We just turned into a car blog. i keed. again.

gloria swanson
You need your Prada egyptian revival turban of course, for when you read tarot and have a bad hair day. A parasol because you are dandy and need to stay out of the sun. You have to come back to the future to get those Mary Jane Louboutins, but… you already went back in time so going forward should be too difficult, right? Don’t forget the bitchstick and “I’m so over it” japanoiserie fan. Be sure to look as evil as Ms. Gloria Swanson up there. If looks could kill, well, you wouldn’t have gotten past the ‘bish, plz.’

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