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Songs In My Head

You know when you have a tune rolling around in your head and it takes forever to find out what song it belongs to, but then when you do its like Daphne Guinness gave you her closet. 


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I name something other than ‘Nessie’

I use to name all my pet goldfish “Nessie” after the Loch Ness monster because I was convinced it was a goldfish. Nessie the first didn’t live too long. Nessie II through Nessie XI met similar fates. 

But anywahs, speaking of the U.K. 


“Dream. Machine. Love.”

Trent Reznor met Axel Rose, got trashed, made some bad decisions. 20 years later, element of glamy glam emerges. Bad cousins to Amazing Baby. Got lost in the Matrix. Incredibly ridiculous. Loves it!


Ian Astbury 2.0

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Going to marry rich.

Dammit. So I can get all this crap I don’t need.

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