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In My Cave

Thought I’d share with you guys, what I’ve been piling up in my closet from friends and thrift stores, and what my all-time favourites are. Clicktoenlarge.

This a long t-shirt i just shredded with a knife.

Real fur, real leather

All 3 are thrifted.

Bought this awesome suede jacket in SF at Buffalo

Diesel Las Vegas Cape Dress.

The Outcast (Right) $4 @ Urban in Las Vegas
The Cast (Left) purchased at The Cast store on Ludlow in NY.  Also met the man behind this rad brand.
And, yes, they do sell the softeset t-shirts.

Men’s sweater I bought & deconstructed.

Boots piled from Fornarina, Justin, Ash, to fucking Savers & Salvation Army.

My all-time favourite pair of heels. Also, one of the most comfortable.  Wore them for 8+ hours last night.

Last but not least, the newest addition to my snake jewelry family. Snake-Pento Necklace.



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For Me to Get and Find

Got a package in the mail from i dont like mondays and found some rad stuff from thrifting and etc. i ordered the last mommy vs. daddy “King Of Pain” t-shirt.


package 2

skull and jawwas sold by an Australian woman who collects, sells, and makes shit out of animal bones and skulls.

jawturned mine into a necklace.


thrift 18

found this at an antique store in town.


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fancy going halves on a bastard?

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I was made for hell baby.

Erik Brunetti’s line called FUCT came out with more rad t-shirts this season and they’re lookin’ mighty fine.  I believe his twitter has been hacked along with FUCT’s twitter. What a shame.  If he ever recovers, you should follow.  His posts will make you laugh and he always posts rad images up.  You can get your dirty hands on these at Karmaloop.





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Come Out of the Cave

OakNYC never fails.



black lap trousers - tim hamiltonblack lap trousers. beautiful.

pleasure principle - gray tank with black scarfscarf tank.

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Cut it Out

Cut out dresses at its finest.

herve leger



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I was on a mission…

for an Alternative Apparel Eco Heather Tank Top in Black. Got it from, and in my adventures, stumbled upon 80s purple, my new favorite expertly curated online store.


Currently ownin'

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