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In My Cave

Thought I’d share with you guys, what I’ve been piling up in my closet from friends and thrift stores, and what my all-time favourites are. Clicktoenlarge.

This a long t-shirt i just shredded with a knife.

Real fur, real leather

All 3 are thrifted.

Bought this awesome suede jacket in SF at Buffalo

Diesel Las Vegas Cape Dress.

The Outcast (Right) $4 @ Urban in Las Vegas
The Cast (Left) purchased at The Cast store on Ludlow in NY.  Also met the man behind this rad brand.
And, yes, they do sell the softeset t-shirts.

Men’s sweater I bought & deconstructed.

Boots piled from Fornarina, Justin, Ash, to fucking Savers & Salvation Army.

My all-time favourite pair of heels. Also, one of the most comfortable.  Wore them for 8+ hours last night.

Last but not least, the newest addition to my snake jewelry family. Snake-Pento Necklace.



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Thru the crystal-like clear water fountain

Vintage muse, Stevie Nicks

I’m on a 70s kick right now.


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