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Boot ‘Em

So for many years I’ve driven by this place called “Boot Barn”, and quickly assumed that cowboys, cowgirls, and everyone else in between who listens to Dolly Parton to Tim McGraw would shop there from the ages of 5-15, and then jumping to the ages of 40-100.  Which always drove me away from that place, but I always wanted to see what in the hell was in there. (yes obviously boots), but what else might be hiding in there..?
No, I have not gone inside the shop yet..  but I did check out their online site and boy did I find some good shit.  Finally did I not only find Justin lace-ups but Boulet, holy shit, the chestnut and grizzly-mountain’s colors on the boot stole my heart.  I need those now; plus the classic Justin lace-ups that have been around forever.  Yeah I already have a pair of vintage Justin lace ups, but I can always use a new pair..  I recommend you clicking the image so you get a closer look.


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