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Where there’s a will, there must be a wild child.

Lou Doillon

I’m not usually one for those French girls with long wavy brown hair and natural beauty look, there are too many of them and duh, they all look the same, BUT Lou Doillon is way more interesting then any of them. She’s Jane Birkin’s daughter (so she gets to get away with that iconic look, because her mama was the original), so obviously half-sister to Charlotte Gainsbourg, she had baby with some ‘musician’ when she was 19 and named it Marlowe Jack Tiger, and got a tattoo when she was 11. Ja ja, maybe she did grow up in privilege, but at least she went nuts with it.

She did a spread for French Playboy (which is, lets be honest, porn for gay men and fashion girlies, which is to say no straight guy would really be into unless they also have an affinity for Dior and Marie Antoinette), that was very pretty.

Anywhoos, I heart her. For today anyways. Might have a backlash soon. Continue reading


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