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Finally found the SS 2010 show from Odyn Vovk. I remember seeing the RSVP flier, taunting me. So goooood. I wish i was there to see everything in full affect.  Model #3 with the long hair, can anyone tell me who that is?


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Jack It.

Ways of keeping yourself warm this winter.


Odyn Vovk


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He Rose Above the Flames

Got his shit together, did what he wanted to do, produces amazing menswear at 22 and now he managed to get his own place together in downtown LA. Touche Austin Sherbanenko.




Photos Courtesy of: http://ax-ov.blogspot.com/

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Some can get away with unmerciful things.

This 100% lambskin vest is THE shit.  I don’t care if it’s made for men, I would buy it myself for me to wear.  Everything about this vest is perfect; the distressed edges in the front, short back, long front, damn.  Now I just need to save up $775.

Oh, and I think every boy & man should pick up this look with the ripped jeans, especially if you got the legs to support it.  Pair with some boots and you’ll be good to go.

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Odyn Vovk hit the spot; possibly the G spot.  The men’s line for SS 09 & FW 09 perfectly represents what I would want men to wear; like the slim-fit, cut-up shorts that hit right under the knee with the boots.  Their color scheme is the same as my wardrobe which are black, grey and white, meaning I am definitely in love all over again. I haven’t been this satisfied with clothes in a while besides Ann-Sofie Back‘s FW 09 line (which is kick ass).  Oh and yeah, Cole was in their show in NYC as you can tell.

odyn-vovk fw 09

odyn vovk ff 09

odyn vovk ff 09

odyn vovk ff 09

yes yes yes.

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