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I Don’t Want No Diamond Ring.

The Great Frog has some BAD-ASSSSS shit up their sleeves.  In love? Fuck yeah I am.  Now I just need to find a man that could buy me these things. haa Everything is epic. In the jewelry department, this is what I’ve been looking for, for so fucking long. FINALLLLY. Someone got it right.  There’s so much to look at and everything is bomb shit. It’s like Odyn Vok or The Cast; you can’t seem to pick one favorite thing from them, everything is goood.  Finding this made my day, maybe my month.

All of these are fucking rad. The bracelet of the bones with the skulls to hook through, and then lucifer bracelet, DAMN.  And they got 13 (my lucky/favorite number) on one of their rings. I recommend clicking the images for a better look.  I would get my ears pierced just for those skull & bones earrings. (yeah, my ears aren’t pierced)  So those of you who haven’t gotten me my birthday present yet (3.13), this is always an option…


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