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Kill My Unicorn



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Assess-or-Rise .:above:.


Chris Habana



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PFR since 1565 C.E.

Speaking of metal art, here’s a petite selection of my favorite northern painters.

Baldung (damn, that just sounds metal, right?) The Witches Sabbath

Durer’s Witches Sabbath

Memling’s Vanity and Salvation


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fancy going halves on a bastard?

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Andraayy Jaayy

I saw you walking down the street, girlfriend. You was fabulous.

Life lesson: Be yourself.

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Hiatus Ovah.

Wild Beasts are easily one of my favorites from this past year. Love the druid paganism themed video. And Tom Fleming’s voice is pure decadence.

The Vinyl Stitches make me believe Lux is not really dead.

Toro y Moi

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Thru the crystal-like clear water fountain

Vintage muse, Stevie Nicks

I’m on a 70s kick right now.


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